No credit, no money, no loan

Without credit, without money, without loan

Without credit, without money, without loan

Without credit, without money, without loan, that’s three maxims of the financial world. With the crisis it is possible to learn important financial lessons, read stories about companies or people who even in difficult situations managed to give volt over money and got rid of problems with credit and by chance, had to pay the loans and debts they left to behind. Criticism at

The best part about financial mistakes is the excellent opportunity to learn from them. Financial mistakes always come with a price to be paid the short and long term, but at a time or another the error charges. When people get tight the first step is to use your credit line or personal loan online instead of cutting off the budget of superfluous things in the coming weeks.

But because this occurs, one of the best parts of the online personal loan process to get cash alive in advance is that its simplicity is more than convenient with a click or two is all settled. When finances are stressing us, these types of loans at first will take your finances to an acceptable level – momentarily.

Today we can easily find dozens of predatory lenders who make victims who need quick cash, it seems ridiculous as to why people keep making the same mistakes of getting money with loan sharks. Do these loan seekers believe that they “can pay more loans with all of their incomes compromised?” Seems like a syndrome, are they unaware of such practices because of their fast money needs?

For many borrowers the main reason is, there are fewer and fewer lenders who are willing to lend money to those who do not have credit in the square or have fulfilled their financial responsibilities. Restricted or negative loan is increasingly expensive and prohibitive, with the exception of the payroll loan.

What happens? With the lack of money, they will try to qualify for personal loans that sound too good to be true. Because? Simple! Because their financial situation is in such desperation they will believe in any loan approval they offer as long as they are supposed to bring them quick cash.

No one said that you have to know everything about loans and read all the articles published in blogs and economics magazines but when you are looking to use one of these dozens of companies and financial companies that offer quick borrowed money or personal loan without consultation to the spc and serasa In cash loans online, it is important that you do some work when trying to find a lender.

The market is cruel, when the staff is without credit, runs out of money and goes without a loan. However while still on a small chance of obtaining, one of the biggest concerns of those who are trying to find a lender is to locate one that does not carry hidden fees or extortionate interest rates. Some lending companies will try to earn extra revenue from their negative customers (which do not have a clean name) in addition to high interest payments.

Alert: Paying upfront fees to get a loan is bad business. Call the lender directly and ask questions. If you’re smart, leave that company there and move on to the next one. These loan officers are trained to tell you what you want to hear with the promise of a good sized loan.

Learn from mistakes. They do not have to be yours. Many say: I do not have credit scores but forget that when it comes to your finances and not having it would be helpful if you could learn those lessons before you go out looking for money even without credit, without a balanced budget and in times of crisis.

Knowledge is the power and smart decisions to get credit, money and loan, is what matters.

New trends in the loan application

The opportunity that people have to request quick loans is an advantage that was totally inconceivable just a few years ago. This new boom of fast online loans has been a natural consequence of the obstacles that traditional banks place when granting this type of loans. Thanks to companies like ours, Bonsai Finance, requesting money for possible contingencies has become a much quicker and easier process.

This important advantage has made systems capable of offering a quick loan grow exponentially each year, breaking their own record. In this way, it is getting to demonstrate that there is another type of financial possibilities in addition to the traditional options, opening a new door for the future of the sector.

Other advantages of fast online loans

Other advantages of fast online loans

– Simplicity It is a really simple process, in which you only need to enter a series of key data, in order to get your loan online really quickly. This is a clear advantage with other traditional procedures, in which the number of documents you have to deliver is really high.

– Transparency . Throughout the process, the terms and conditions are clearly explained, so you do not have any kind of doubt. The objective of this type of loan is to facilitate the client’s request, so that he can obtain his money without any problem and with the total peace of mind of knowing what he is doing.

– Trust . These are companies that offer all the necessary security, according to the corresponding regulations. In addition, they have the satisfaction of users who have already applied for quick loans. Therefore, you can be really sure when it comes to this type of service when any unexpected payment arises.

New trends in quick loans

New trends in quick loans

– These loans are becoming more personalized, so that you request the money according to your particular characteristics. In this way, you can get the loan in the most beneficial conditions according to your situation.

– The application processes are becoming faster, and you can count on the money only 15 minutes after you started the request. In addition, they are being simplified more and more. No need for documents and even through convenient mobile applications.

– Each time you can access larger amounts of money, to deal with payments that require a greater economic effort. Always with clear conditions and reasonable deadlines, so you can return the money without any problems.

At Bonsai Finance we are a responsible credit company that adapts to new trends and that, like this small tree that takes decades to develop and achieve form, we continue to perfect our products. Our objective is to cover the needs of our clients, achieving their total satisfaction.

Personal Loan for Liberal Professional

Personal Loan for Liberal Professional

Personal Loan for Liberal Professional

Liberal professionals who seek personal credit often find it difficult to obtain it by the need for proof of income at the time of the cadastral analysis. As the income of the liberal professional is, in most cases, variable, it is difficult to prove it. To get around this issue, financial institutions use other means to ascertain the repayment capacity of those seeking credit, and to have a greater guarantee of receiving the amounts released through the loan.

In addition to the documentation normally requested as RG, CPF and proof of residence, the financial ones request that an income tax return be presented, through which they can obtain information about the income obtained during the year, and thus establish the appropriate credit limits for the occasion. So for those who make the declaration of the Income Tax, it may be easier to obtain personal credit. Those who do not have the statement need to prove otherwise that they will be able to pay the amount they are applying for as credit.

Another issue that serves to make personal credit for professional liberal is released is the analysis of the relationship that the person has the banks. It is common that some financiers only release the credit for liberal professionals who have open account in some bank to more than 12 months. In this way, the analysis of the bank statements can allow to raise the average value that circulates in the person’s account, serving as the basis for stipulating an average monthly income. This measure serves to prove the suitability and avoid the performance of coup.

In addition to the current checking account, the financial accountants can also assess the release of credit by verifying that the person works by check. Thus, the person’s check history can be evaluated, such as the amount of returned, canceled or canceled checks issued by the person, providing more information for which decision to release the credit is made.

There are some finances that do not require the cadastral analysis of the person requesting the credit, but this is usually reflected in the interest charged, which are usually higher. What can also happen is that, without proof of income or ability to pay on the part of the person, the amount of credit released is limited. In some financials the credit limit released without proof of income is no more than R $ 1,500.00.

Just as the requirements for credit clearance vary from those who give personal credit to a professional, so do the interest rates charged.

The tip is that you conduct simulations on several financials before opting for any of them. Even if you are in a hurry to receive credit, the lack of a more detailed analysis means loss of money at too high interest rates.

You do not know fast loans with financial credit because you do not want

Fast loans with financial credit have become the best solution for those people who are in urgent need of an amount of money not too high but at that time they do not have cash. These types of loans are very useful to carry out an unexpected repair in the vehicle and even to buy textbooks when the dreaded return to school arrives.

What is financial credit? What does it mean to be in it?

What is financial credit? What does it mean to be in it?

financial credit is the acronym of the National Association of Financial Establishments of Credits, entity that manages a database in which the identity of those people and companies that for one reason or another owes money to a company is collected.

The abuse that has been made in recent years of this type of files has led to people who have debts as ridiculous as an unpaid phone bill for problems with the company end up in this registry, which makes it difficult to access a credit.

How do fast online loans work with financial credit?

How do fast online loans work with financial credit?

The mini fast loans with financial credit are the best solution for those who are in this type of delinquent lists. These are credits of very low amount, usually from € 100 to € 600, which can be obtained as long as you have a payroll or you are receiving some type of pension or benefit.

The entity specialized in fast loans with financial credit relies on the solvency of its clients and their willingness to pay, not taking into account the inscriptions in the debtor files.

Processing of mini fast loans with financial credit

Processing of mini fast loans with financial credit

The management of this type of credit is very simple and can be done directly online . The basic data that are always requested are: the amount of money that is needed, the time period in which it is going to be returned and personal data such as the address and the monthly income that they have.

Most people use this type of fast loans online with financial credit to deal with unforeseen expenses, so it is not usual to ask the reason why the money is requested.

Does it take a long time to get a quick loan with financial credit?

Does it take a long time to get a quick loan with financial credit?

This doubt is quite common among consumers who decide to resort to this type of credit. The truth is that all the processing is very fast, the interested party can know in just a few minutes if he is eligible to be granted the money.

If the loan is granted, the money arrives in the account in a period that can go from 24 to 72 hours, depending on the day the loan was requested and the bank in question. However, some entities specializing in quick loans allow their clients to withdraw the money that has been granted to them at any ATM in just a few minutes since the loan was granted.

Problems for the return

Problems for the return

If a problem arises for the return of the money the client can talk with the credit institution to extend the term. This will add more interest, but in return, the interested party can make the payment more easily.

Your best alternative if you need quick money

Your best alternative if you need quick money

If you need to get money quickly and are enrolled in a file of defaulters, resorting to fast loans with financial credit allows you to quickly get the money you need, without having to give any kind of explanation. In addition, you can return it in comfortable installments that adapt to your economic situation at all times.

Airline or Train Ticket Offer: Instant Loans

For most people, the most important moment is the long awaited vacation. Many plan, while others do not care about their economy and, unfortunately, other people can not pack and disconnect a few days of routine. Have you seen that last minute train or plane offer? Irresistible prices and do not have enough money? Quiet. With payday loans, this is no longer a problem.

Is it possible to ask for capital for the purchase of a cheap ticket? Yes, why not? In this post we offer the most important reasons, characteristics and requirements to consider.

Loans instantly for the purchase of a transport ticket

Loans instantly for the purchase of a transport ticket

In all cases, having external capital makes it easier to plan or carry out the trip. However, everyone knows that to go on a trip you must have enough money, both to cover all the needs of the same as for incidentals.

Once clarified that to travel we need sufficient capital, you should also know that this type of loans is similar to the one you can request for the purchase of a vehicle, to deal with debts or to pay for the celebrations or events you want.

The main characteristics of these loans

The main characteristics of these loans

If you want to get one of these loans instantly, you will not need endorsements or meet excessive requirements. To request this type of financing, you only have to fill out a form with the requested information, something that is considered an easy, fast and quick process and available to everyone. After that, you will receive an SMS on the mobile phone with the acceptance of your capital request.

Arrived up here, it is convenient that we highlight the transparency in the request of the money: you will know how much it costs the total of the loan, the amounts and terms to amortize, besides the interests. That is, you have a calculator to adjust the amount in the way that most interests you, always counting with the real needs of the cost of the trip (from tickets, food, accommodation, leisure …).

The request for quick loans: requirements

The request for quick loans: requirements

Contrary to what happens with traditional financial institutions, the loan companies do not request payroll to approve the granting of the money, you simply need to have real and periodic income, such as benefits or pensions, for example. For this reason, it should be enough to send the DNI (a copy), the copy of the bank account or certificate and the bank statements of the last months that show the entry of the periodic payments, benefit or pension.

These loans can be considered as low in amount, they facilitate the contracting or purchase of the trip / tickets, with an extended refund to several days or weeks, thus avoiding the mismatch in the accounts at the time of contracting.

Fast loans online

Like that train or plane ticket you want to acquire, online approval of the capital is telematic, via text message. Once the money has been received, the agreed terms or conditions must be accepted without changing the financial entity.

Possibility of requesting new credits

Moreover, if you need more capital or you are going to make another trip, you can ask for it without any problem. Only, you must request the desired amount and the return period. Also, if you are already a customer it will be easier and faster to get the money.

In summary, the loans are instantly the best option you want to finance the trip. Leaving, disconnecting and having the necessary capital to enjoy the long-awaited getaway is the best way to face a vacation, which you will surely remember for life.

Consolidation of Non-bank Loans

If we have several loans on our account and we do not deal with repayment, we reach for a consolidation loan at the bank. And how to deal with many short-time loans or loans taken out of the non-banking route? Is there such a thing as non-banking consolidation?

One way to get out of debt when we have several different financial obligations is to consolidate them. This is a particularly helpful solution if we are unable to pay off all the loan installments that we have incurred in a timely manner. And thanks to consolidation, we combine all these commitments into one whole and pay only one installment. And how can non-banking consolidation look like – are there any ready-made products that allow the consolidation of non-bank loans?

Unfortunately, if our main financial obligations are payday loans or non-bank loans, we have a slightly bigger problem. In this situation, we will not be able to take a consolidation loan to repay such loans. A consolidation loan that is offered by banks can only serve to repay bank liabilities. It can be used if we have cash loans, we have some additional debt on the credit card or in the form of a personal account limit. Unfortunately, the bank will not give us such a loan if we have several short-term loans or other non-bank loans on our account. We can, as part of a consolidation loan, get an additional amount that could be used to repay such liabilities. However, the main purpose for such a loan must be bank loans.

Non-bank consolidation – how?

Non-bank consolidation - how?

If we start looking for such a loan on our own, we will quickly notice that there are practically no ready solutions that we could use. As far as consolidation loans are obtained in every single bank, the consolidation of non-bank loans is available only in a few companies. What’s more, the cost of such loans is so huge that I decided not to present them in this article. I will look for other solutions that may somehow help you free yourself of this difficult and complicated situation.

Consolidation using a cash loan

Consolidation using a cash loan

One of the more sensible proposals for consolidating non-bank products may be to take a cash loan. I mean the traditional cash loan for any purpose that we get in every single bank. Of course, to get such a loan, we must have a positive credit history, we should not have debts in Retrodatabase databases. Negative credit history in Retrodatabase databases automatically eliminates our chances of getting such a loan. Of course, we will also need adequate creditworthiness to obtain the appropriate amount of loan to repay non-bank loans or payday loans. We are talking about the appropriate amount of income and therefore the appropriate amount of monthly remuneration.

Consolidation when we have a negative Retrodatabase

Consolidation when we have a negative Retrodatabase

In a situation where our credit history in Retrodatabase databases is not the best, we will have a problem with obtaining not only a loan from a bank, but also in many loan companies. Currently, a lot of loan companies verify their clients’ data via the Credit Information Bureau databases. Especially when applying for a larger amount of the loan, we must be prepared for the fact that the company will want to scan our credit history thoroughly.

Are there any solutions to obtain a loan if we have a negative credit history? Yes, there are still cash loan offers available on the market, which we will get without checking Retrodatabase. Their cost, however, is very large and when reaching for a larger amount of the loan, we must be prepared for the fact that we will have to pay the other one or more. The offer of Rapida Money is much more advantageous in this respect, which may be an alternative option if we can not obtain a consolidation loan or cash for any purpose.

The offer of the company I have already mentioned in the blog is different in that it has lower costs from other non-bank loans. This is possible only thanks to the additional security that the company uses. Well, to obtain a loan it is necessary to have a guarantor, and therefore an additional person who will be a guarantor of our loan. We ourselves can have a negative credit history, both in Retrodatabase databases and debtors’ registers, but the guarantor should have a very good history and creditworthiness. Only in this situation is it possible to obtain a loan that can be used to consolidate non-bank loans. Currently, the company’s offer includes loans up to PLN 25,000 with a maximum repayment period of up to 48 months.

Consolidation Loans Debts to Bad Payers? How to get it?



Too many installments in progress ? Debt consolidation loan is the solution ! You can reduce the amount of your monthly installments up to 40% . If you are on the list of bad payers, as long as you are an employee or a pensioner, thanks to credit you can still get a loan and realize what you are thinking. For a free quote, simply fill out the form above and you will soon receive a call from one of consultants.

Goodmorning everyone. I’m Edoardo. I would need a loan to consolidate debts but I was reported in crif among the bad payers. I have two loans for a total of € 13,000, but I can not get another loan or a consolidation of debts because it appears among the bad payers because reported in crif due to some delays in the payment of loan installments in progress. Unfortunately, during the economic crs, my company in which I work has made us work less, and I have not been able to always pay the installments in time even though I have now arranged everything and for this reason I am among the bad payers. How can I get a debt consolidation if reported in crif among bad payers?

Good morning Edoardo.
With the personal debt consolidation loan ( up to € 30000 to be returned comfortably even in 120 months ) proposed by credit , it can obtain the unification of its debts even if reported among the bad payers. Leaving out the presence of reports in crif, experian or ctc of bad payers, it is possible to obtain the consolidation loan with the aim of uniting all the installments in a single solution. This personal loan is the assignment of one-fifth of the salary or pension (a loan dedicated solely to employees hired on permanent contracts or pensioners) .

With the sale of the fifth of the salary will be able to obtain the necessary liquidity as a consolidation loan in progress and pay a single installment even if it is among the bad payers. The same possibility, always limited to employees and pensioners, is also addressed to protested or foreclosures .
Through the transfer of the fifth, it will be her to perform the debt consolidation, so the closing of the loans in progress will not happen automatically , but, obtained the provon of the personal loan, she will make the transfers to various financial companies in order to close current commitments.

The advantage of the sale of the fifth, in addition to paying only one installment, is also in closing the loans in which there are delays in payments , to finally be able, thanks to the sale of the fifth, to obtain the cancellation crif, experian or ctc at the end of the terms established by law . For those who already have the assignment of the fifth in progress, if the same is not renewable , it is possible to request a loan by delegation of payment . This loan is characterized as the transfer of the fifth , with repayment of the installments by debit in the payroll. The amortization plan can be extended up to 120 months.