No credit, no money, no loan

Without credit, without money, without loan Without credit, without money, without loan, that’s three maxims of the financial world. With the crisis it is possible to learn important financial lessons, read stories about companies or people who even in difficult situations managed to give volt over money and got rid of problems with credit and […]

New trends in the loan application

The opportunity that people have to request quick loans is an advantage that was totally inconceivable just a few years ago. This new boom of fast online loans has been a natural consequence of the obstacles that traditional banks place when granting this type of loans. Thanks to companies like ours, Bonsai Finance, requesting money […]

Personal Loan for Liberal Professional

Personal Loan for Liberal Professional Liberal professionals who seek personal credit often find it difficult to obtain it by the need for proof of income at the time of the cadastral analysis. As the income of the liberal professional is, in most cases, variable, it is difficult to prove it. To get around this issue, […]

Airline or Train Ticket Offer: Instant Loans

For most people, the most important moment is the long awaited vacation. Many plan, while others do not care about their economy and, unfortunately, other people can not pack and disconnect a few days of routine. Have you seen that last minute train or plane offer? Irresistible prices and do not have enough money? Quiet. […]

Consolidation of Non-bank Loans

If we have several loans on our account and we do not deal with repayment, we reach for a consolidation loan at the bank. And how to deal with many short-time loans or loans taken out of the non-banking route? Is there such a thing as non-banking consolidation? One way to get out of debt […]