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One virtue that all Jamaicans want to be is “blessed and hallowed.” As a country where Christianity is the most widely practiced religion, pious Christians and laity alike aim to live their lives in good grace.

It’s no wonder that many Dancehall and Reggae artists frequently devote entire songs to being ‘blessed’, receiving ‘blessings’, or declaring some aspect of their life as ‘blessed’.

Depending on the artist, the connotation of “blessings” or to be “blessed” in their songs varies from conscious to scorching. Regardless of the lyrical background, Dancehall and Reggae fans remain ardent in praise and can often relate to the artist’s message.

It would be endless to list all the songs in Dancehall and Reggae history that refer to the desired virtue of blessings. So here are 15 choices that glorify “blessings”.

Beenie Man – Blessed (1994)

In direct opposition to the religious meaning of the term “blessed” and to the Roman Catholic Church, Beenie Man consecrated Blessed as a denunciation of the conflicting political and religious views that Rastafarians and low-income families in Jamaica faced in the beginning. from the 1990s.

In the lyrical satire produced by Shocking Vibes Production, Beenie accused politicians and religious leaders of misleading the public with false ideologies about crime, drugs and worship.

Despite the myriad of lies, he confirmed his “blessings” and assurance through his faith in Rastafari and his allegiance to Emperor Haile Selassie I, former Emperor of Ethiopia and Patriarch of Rastafarianism. He also accepts responsibility for his mistakes, unlike political and religious leaders, he criticizes in the recurring line: “Blessed be your name. For some wrongs that I have committed, who should bear the responsibility? “

Sizzla with Garnett Silk – Bless Me (1998)

In a remake of the 1992 hit Garnett Silk, Bless me, Sizzla adds three lyric-laden verses to the timeless song by one of reggae’s most renowned musicians, which advocates mindfulness and confidence in the “support of life” for the “blessings” of life.

Accompanying the sampled chorus in which Garnett repeatedly asks “the mighty Jah-Jah” to “bless” him, Sizzla encourages compassion and faith in Jah to end suffering and doubt by saying, “Bless you and ask. to Jah for all things ”. Bless me was released on Sizzla’s fifth studio album, Good manners, which was produced by Bobby Digital in 1998.

Sizzla – Blessed (2002)

Bless is a compilation of Sizzla’s inspirational high-energy rapid-fire verses to “bless,” which represents an encouragement to hope and faith in a higher power to protect and heal.

This song, released on the This is a good thing album in 2002, has a notable increase in verses to underscore the artist’s empathy for the story of the difficult experiences of blacks. Sizzla simultaneously calls for confidence in Jah’s “blessings” for the salvation of this struggle, joining the repertoire of reggae tracks that yearn for religious affirmation.

Mr. Vegas – I Am Blessed (2009)

Released on Good life Riddim in 2009, I am blessed de Mr. Vegas quickly became the anthem of prosperity, hope and faith in Dancehall.

Confirming Jamaicans’ innate desire for divine protection from all that is evil, the catchy chorus of this track directly reflects the general meaning of being “blessed” as being completely and forever protected. Meanwhile, Mr. Vegas also took the opportunity to praise his accomplishments despite the judgment and ill will of “bad” and “wicked” people.

Vybz Kartel – Forever Blessed (2012)

At the lascivious end of the ‘blessed’ spectrum, Vybz Kartel’s 2012 Christmas hit, Always blessed, refers to a divine affirmation of another nature. Instead of divinity for the soul, this blessing ensures women have the best sensual and sexual performance, which is the basis for many of the sexiest songs in Dancehall.

In this sultry Dancehall serenade, Kartel compares female fertility, and its enjoyment, to the religious divinity of the Bible and God. Either way, they are one for Vybz Kartel, who sees sex as a “blessing”.

Always blessed was produced by Rvssian via Head Concussion Records.

Tarrus Riley ft. Konshens – Simple Blessings (2018)

Simple blessings became another hymn of hope in Dancehall following its release in 2018 via Chimney Records.

Coming from two artists with collections of reggae and conscious music, Tarrus Riley and Konshens both compared the realities of a worldview influenced by vanity and one characterized by gratitude and positivity. The term “blessings” in this song, which now has over 21 million views on YouTube, refers to the recognition and appreciation of the simple pleasures in life such as quality time with family, personal care and The well-being.

Kabaka Pyramid ft. Chronixx – Blessed be the man (2018)

“Remember I tell you, blessed be the man.” Similar to Beenie Man’s Blessed, the recurring motif in the pyramid of Kabaka Blessed be the man is the confirmation of divine protection through the liberating beliefs of Rastafarianism and the belief in Haile Selassie I.

In complex multi-bar couplets, punctuated by the chorus voiced by Chronixx, Kabaka recounts the tragedies experienced by Rastafarians in Jamaica at the hands of former Prime Minister Sir Alexander Bustamante and the personal oppression suffered by religious and historically oppressive leaders .

To be “blessed” denotes faith and trust in Haile Selassie I or “Ababa Janhoy” and in Africa for redemption. Blessed be the man, produced by Chronixx and Teflon “Zincfence”, was part of Kabaka’s album, Kontraband, which was released by the Ghetto Youths International (GYI) label – founded by Stephen, Damian and Julian Marley.

D’Angel – I Am Blessed (2018)

D’Angel has regularly released music with a message of gratitude throughout his career, and I am blessed joins the hopeful music collection.

The veteran Dancehall artist prides herself on being happy, hardworking and relaxed, which she sees as her “blessing”. D’Angel shares his sentiment with Tarrus Riley and Konshens in appreciating the simple pleasures of life as important sources of gratitude and contentment in this track, released as part of Divas of Dancehall Volume 1 – distributed by 21st Hapilos.

Popcaan – Best / Blessed (2019)

The Unruly King 2019 track Best / Blessed joins Kartel’s Ever Blessed on this list in the hottest collection of songs advocating to be “blessed”.

Best / Blessed reverse female sexuality and sexual prowess, comparing both to the divine status of being “blessed” and to claiming that he is the best. As expressed in this track, released by TJ Records, and in many other songs in his repertoire, Popcaan praises the company of women as an important aspect of his life.

Tommy Lee Sparta – Blessings (2019)

This 2019 hit single from Tommy Lee Sparta has become another Dancehall anthem for guidance and protection, now with over 16 million views on YouTube.

Sounding similar tune to Dancehall songs of the same nature, Blessings describes Tommy Lee’s experience and conquest of negativity throughout his life and career. What makes this song different is its plea for sanity, meditation, and soul-searching in the process of appreciating its “blessings”. In this song, produced by Damage Musiq, Tommy Lee trusts only God and himself to ensure his “blessings”.

Shenseea ft. Tyga – Blessed (2019)

Shenseea scored big with this trending YouTube hit song released by US label Interscope Records. Describing “blessed” as success achieved despite obstacles, the essence of being “blessed” is not only achieved by her success, but also by being the best at what she does without regard for her competition.

by Shensee Blessed has over 45 million views on YouTube since its release last year.

Masicka – Blessing (2019)

Like hits from other male artists dominating the Dancehall scene, female sexuality and femininity form the basis of Masicka. Blessing.

In this track from 2019, produced on the Tribaco Riddim by Squirl Entertainment, the subject of his serenade is a “blessing” to him and therefore deserves his financial investment and lifelong devotion – two things that are generally associated with the idea of ​​the Christian church to commit to reaping the harvest. divine blessing.

Buju Banton – Blessed (2020)

“Tell them we bless. Tell them that we still have a stress free life, that the light of God enlightens us in our quest. “Buju Banton’s choir Blessed, extract from his last album Upside Down 2020, exalts the blossoming that accompanies the feeling of gratitude and favor of God.

In this track from his first album since his release from prison almost two years ago, Buju defends the trials and tribulations of the daily struggle in the face of systematic oppression. Blessed was produced by Gargamel Music and released by Gargamel Music Company under an exclusive license to the US label Roc Nation.

Chronic Law – Count My Blessings (2020)

In a clever numbers game, 6ix member Chronic Law counts his blessings in this three-minute single released earlier this year on the Intention Riddim.

Count my blessings, produced by Attomatic Records and Dan Sky Records, describes “blessings” as the positive experiences throughout his life and the lessons he learned from the toughest. While grateful, he aggressively protects his success to prevent his negative experiences from happening again, much like the successes of Mr. Vegas and Shenseea on this list.

Sevana – Blessed (2020)

As part of his latest album, Be somebody, the singer of In.Digg.Nation Sevana expresses a beautiful ode to being “blessed” with confidence and self-esteem despite the obstacles that life can throw up for her.

that of Sevana Blessed, produced by Grammy-winning Jamaican producer IzyBeats, describes the singer’s belief and confidence in a higher power for guidance and protection. The track was released via the collective In.Digg.Nation, in collaboration with the American label RCA Records.


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