“Badmind Friend” by Posh Morris and 11 new dancehall and reggae songs


In a slew of new music releases this week, we’ve sifted through to find the top picks for updating your Dancehall playlist. From several reggae ballads to frenzied dancehall beats, here are 12 tracks to keep you going until next time.

Morris chic – Badmind friend

Dancehall singer Posh Morris knows exactly how to spot nasty friends and not afraid to call them on their bs. This new single is a fiery striker, chronicling how she gets rid of them with her life. Posh brazenly points out how ruthless these accomplice friends can be, but she doesn’t leave until she gives her listeners some advice: “In a people we have to adjust the link, block and remove, avoid the link. “

Beres Hammond & Popcaan – God is love

In this moving new single God is love, the very famous Reggae singer Beres Hammond and dynamite Dancehall, Popcaan offers audiences a powerful duo that no one knew they needed until now. Let Beres elicit poignant feelings and Popcaan trigger a thought-provoking tale: “All I know, God is alone, protect your life, it is your one and only. The bad guys will kill you slowly, ”they both sing over the hook in gospel tones. God is love is full of life lessons and good advice; keep a close bond with the Almighty, fear no harm as you go, overcome your struggles and “just be calm and gentle, respect everyone …”

Byngham – Blessings

Reggae crooner Byngham may have just blessed his fans with a new anthem on Blessings in this latest musical release. On an indulgent melodic bassline, the singer unleashes a sweet ballad about feeling blessed while expressing gratitude to God. “I see blessings in abundance, so I thank God and everything ah now grows like a flowing river now,” he sings on the hook, stimulating sincere feelings and good vibrations.

Gentleman & Dj Frass – Do not judge

German reggae singer Gentleman in this association with local music producer / singer DJ Frass has a deep message in the single Do not judge. Intended for those who judge and who “hate and want it, make propaganda and get carried away when they see you smoking marijuana”. The two deejays prepare their smooth line, “You are not my judge”, on the easy Six Thousand Riddim.

Beenie Man & 3Star – Main event

The king of dancehall, Beenie Man, proves he can be as filthy and fierce as those new age kids on the streets. His new track Main event featuring recording artist GullySide 3 Star is a gritty dispatch to show those enthusiasts how things really get done. “Ak in a pocket with a dozen clips / Big fat 44 wid di rubber grip / Real gun shot mi put in a head, mi nuh in a superstition / Sniper high, nuh shoot and miss, 40/40 vision / I will make you famous, get on tv / gunshot buss you head, youh marrow fly weh like a pigeon… “he flows in a deadly repetitive stream. At the end the DJ says he’s chilling out , smoke a spliff and sip his Dragon stout after- “Mi nuh fraaaid a nuh villain!”

Rik Jam – Beautiful

Reggae singer Rik Jam awakens all kinds of uplifting moods in his new take on Beautiful, a cover of the song of the same name from Mali Music. The young crooner is just in awe of how people rise above the adversaries in life and stay positive. It’s a beautiful thing he said: “I am amazed by all your strength, yes I am … I put my lighter in the air for you.” I see you what you’re doing, I see what you’re going through. The truth is that you are beautiful. “

Keznamdi with Tory Lanez – City lock

Now adding visuals to this previously released single, Reggae artist, Keznamdi and Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez creates a nasty vibe in their team on City lock. Matching the energetic beats of the throbbing bassline, Keznamdi delivers his rich Rasta infusions to express just how much he locks up the city. Much like Tupac and Biggy, “Mi left a mark on a street like how you went crazy,” says the Jamaican-born crooner.

Vybz Kartel, Likkle Vybz, Likkle Addi, Aikodon, Nae Finesse – Air Force 1

In this huge endorsement of Nike’s Air Force 1 sneaker collection, the Gaza family comes up with this whimsical new single, Air Force 1 to express their love for iconic kicks. Kartel and his young sons of DJ Dancehall Likkle Vybz, Likkle Addi, Aikodon and newcomer Nae Finesse join forces to revel in their long-standing affection for the shoe line. Kartel takes listeners through his Nike collection, he has one in every color and gave them a nickname, black is Obama, white is Katy Perry and browns are Cardi B and Rihanna. “Real Real neva from China!” Deze bat mek u gyal, join us! Likkle Vybz says but Likkle Addi does better, “Plan A tek u gyal, next day Plan B…” while Nae sharpens the hook, “Look at them, so clean, so beautiful, brand new Air Force 1.”

Charly Black – So many reasons

“Ah di country boy again”, Charly Black is back with new visuals for So many reasons, to list all the reasons his significant other should be his wife. He takes her to a faraway place with a bag full of cash, and romance in a picturesque setting in the clip. If only she knew that Charly had thugs looking for that bag of money and that they had located where they were.

IWaata – TR888

From birth until now, IWaata says he has an impeccable record. Never the type to immerse yourself in the “mixup” or to experience the taboo types of love. “Nuh gyal nuh have mi file, mek mi tell yuh dis”, he sings to a fanciful rhythm induced by the violin. The single certainly has a vibe, similar to the music video, that finds the artist surrounded by his pals and several ladies shaking the booty dancing to the beat.

Lil Q & Blak Ryno – Go all out

Hotheads, Lil Q & Blak Ryno Are ‘Bad For Real’ Just Check Out Their New Threat Bait Trail Go all out. Ryno strolling in his green convertible with his “chromatic wedged by his Louis V belt”, he presents himself as an easy gangster who will stop at nothing. Lil Q goes off, “Dem nuh bad like me and you dawg.” He wastes no time fighting, “Say a nuh martial combat a nuh Tyson,” a drive-by gets the job done faster and the gun, well, these are illegal, “We nuh license.”

Artikal & Quada – Persistence

It’s a tough challenge climbing out of the ghetto trenches, but it’s a possible feat and Dancehall artists Artikal and Quada can tell you a lot about it. “All the young people of the ghetto! Work hard and go do whatever you want, ”sings Artikal in an inspiring chorus. Quada said: “Born man, come and see nuttn. Night and day in a struggle di… nuff gyal uses to call the man cruff “but watch him now. They teach, keep real people around, don’t get lost and don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t.


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