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It’s time again when the Reggae and Dancehall music mill releases brand new releases for music fans. Our picks this week include Chronixx (Never give up), and Lila Ike (True love)as well as Jahshii (Prosperity), Busy signal (Watch Gyal), Skeng (Curves), from Shabako cold worldKalyra (A wine), Yaksta (Honest) and more.

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Chronox x – Never give up

The latest version of Chronixx Never give up sounds like a classic Roots and Reggae track with distinguished acoustics. Aided by a group and choristers, the sweet skankin The singer encourages listeners to “never give up” even when life “gets cold” and your struggles feel overwhelming.

Lila Ike- True love

Lila Iké came to anticipate fans this week with her first musical reveal of 2022. True lovea powerful new single about balancing life’s unpredictability, “trying to find the little light that’s left in the world” and choosing love even in the darkest of times.

Produced by Natural High Music, the song is a love letter to itself. Lila explains in a press release, “True love is a song I freestyled almost a year ago. At the time, I was in a very emotional space and felt a bit low on energy due to everything that was going on with the pandemic. I wanted to find a way to turn what I was feeling into a piece that would give hope to others who might be feeling the same way. The most beautiful thing about this song is that a year later, I realize this song was a personal love letter to my future self about healing and dealing with everything I’m going through right now. I hope it reaches everyone who needs this energy right now and gives them as much light as it gives me.

Yaksta- Honest

Teaming up with German Dancehall Reggae producers Jugglerz, Yaksta Bush Lawd is dynamic and melodious in this brand new release Honest. Seduced by his girlfriend, the singer sings, “I’m just honest, like a killer, I’m obsessed with you… Like a killer, you keep me up, baby, I’m obsessed”, in the verses.

Yaksta- out again

Freeing himself from the constraints of quarantine, Yaksta celebrates his freedom by out again, another collaboration with mixmaster, Jugglerz. “Brother Gad frees the road, we’re proud,” Yaksta said. Now “every killy has a queen next to them” and it’s time to “rave all night again”.

Busy signal – Watch Gyal

Inside Busy Signal’s new party-banger Look Gyal, he laments men who, in their efforts to control their wives, end up losing them to another. Produced by Grammy-winning producer YoungPow, alongside LionChld, Watch Gyal appears on an old-school hardcore dancehall riddim with hints of contemporary sounds.

Busy said he couldn’t help but express on the beat. “YoungPow has found the rhythm and I hear it and instantly I’m ready and I start saying certain things,” he said. “It’s real dancehall but we tried to keep it modern and relatable, in a gyallis world.”

Kalyra- A wine

Jamaican singer Kalyra has something new for music fans heading to the unrestricted party scene now that lockdowns are a thing of the past. His new song A wine, which was produced by DZL Records’ Dale “Dizzle” Virgo and Elisha Ellis has a bubbly feel-good vibe to bring partygoers back to the dance floor and encourages those “couple” moments to dance the night away. “A wine is a celebration of the reopening of the entertainment industry in Jamaica and the return of the party,” Kalyra shared of the new single.

Skeng– Curves

Produced by Simple Boss Records, Skeng flexes his sexual prowess with his choice ladies in this new banger, Curves. This one is dedicated to the girls with their striking physique and alluring “curves,” as seen with the video vixens starring in this African music video production Kydd. Look here :

General Badda – Box Who

Fast to trending Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars, Badda General released his single Box Who the next day, March 28, dubbing the song “Will Smith Saga.” The song recounts Will’s big ‘slap’ of the night and warns that he could never do that to a Jamaican “Yaad man”. Listen more here:

Royal blue – How E Guh

Royal Blu tells us “How E Guh” while “kill ’em with the flow” in this new release, which debuted this week via Markus Records. Prove he’s the real deal; “Worldwide a man fly roun” and “strong currency, you see mi card have a muscle ah no card weh a shuffle”, he sings to show his “legitimate money”. Although he talks a lot, Royal explains to the youngsters “hey boy, you don’t get hype if your money doesn’t grow.”

Jahshii- Prosperity

Taking a trip along the northeast coast of the island, Jahshii appeared in a new music video directed by Shane Creative earlier this week for again from around Prosperity. The Dancehall singer is beyond grateful for the song’s life and recent successes and takes the time to thank his supplier, Jah.

Shabako – Cold World

With the Warlord Bounty Killer’s approval, Shabako takes the cold world in his latest single. Produced by DJ Treasure Music, the music video for the song was directed by Dekko Massiv.

Jahvillani – STRAWBERRY!!!

The WileSide 1Gov Boss is back with a new music video ready to delight Dancehall fans. It’s a dance battle in the Khing Cam Visuals production with Jahvillani and his crew looking fierce against actor/comedian Fatskull and his crew. Don’t twist it, the deejay stays true to his hardcore image and lays down another one of his lyrically aggressive Dancehall tunes in STRAWBERRY!!! – Check it here:

Jahvillani – money power respect

STRAWBERRY!!! Take part 2 with money power respect, another new release from Jahvillani – both singles produced by YGF Records. As the name suggests, the deejay takes us through his journey to earn money, power and respect and in the same order, “Money gives you power, then you get respect.”

Caano, Tenn Point – Banga Pon Eh line

Joining another rip-off tale, Dancehall deejays Caano and Tenn Point are your all-time crooks in this new release Banga Pon Eh line. Directed by 9mileVisualz, the music video finds the deejays surrounded by their double-dealing crew as they “cut the line”.


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