Consolidation Loans Debts to Bad Payers? How to get it?

Too many installments in progress ? Debt consolidation loan is the solution ! You can reduce the amount of your monthly installments up to 40% . If you are on the list of bad payers, as long as you are an employee or a pensioner, thanks to credit you can still get a loan and realize what you are thinking. For a free quote, simply fill out the form above and you will soon receive a call from one of consultants.


Goodmorning everyone. I’m Edoardo. I would need a loan to consolidate debts but I was reported in crif among the bad payers. I have two loans for a total of € 13,000, but I can not get another loan or a consolidation of debts because it appears among the bad payers because reported in crif due to some delays in the payment of loan installments in progress. Unfortunately, during the economic crs, my company in which I work has made us work less, and I have not been able to always pay the installments in time even though I have now arranged everything and for this reason I am among the bad payers. How can I get a debt consolidation if reported in crif among bad payers?


Good morning Edoardo.
With the personal debt consolidation loan ( up to € 30000 to be returned comfortably even in 120 months ) proposed by credit , it can obtain the unification of its debts even if reported among the bad payers. Leaving out the presence of reports in crif, experian or ctc of bad payers, it is possible to obtain the consolidation loan with the aim of uniting all the installments in a single solution. This personal loan is the assignment of one-fifth of the salary or pension (a loan dedicated solely to employees hired on permanent contracts or pensioners) .

With the sale of the fifth of the salary will be able to obtain the necessary liquidity as a consolidation loan in progress and pay a single installment even if it is among the bad payers. The same possibility, always limited to employees and pensioners, is also addressed to protested or foreclosures .
Through the transfer of the fifth, it will be her to perform the debt consolidation, so the closing of the loans in progress will not happen automatically , but, obtained the provon of the personal loan, she will make the transfers to various financial companies in order to close current commitments.

The advantage of the sale of the fifth, in addition to paying only one installment, is also in closing the loans in which there are delays in payments , to finally be able, thanks to the sale of the fifth, to obtain the cancellation crif, experian or ctc at the end of the terms established by law . For those who already have the assignment of the fifth in progress, if the same is not renewable , it is possible to request a loan by delegation of payment . This loan is characterized as the transfer of the fifth , with repayment of the installments by debit in the payroll. The amortization plan can be extended up to 120 months.

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