Eddie Murphy promises to play his reggae songs in UK if “people start to like them” | The independent



Eddie Murphy is committed to bringing his reggae beats to the UK if his musical career “heats up”.

The actor-comedian has enjoyed some success in the United States and will be releasing his upcoming single “Oh Jah Jah” later this month.

“If people start to like these tracks, I’ll make a little band and come and do stuff,” he told Twin B and Yasmin Evans of BBC Radio 1Xtra, who both describe themselves as “big fans.” “.

Murphy has been a Jamaican music lover his entire life, ever since he “walked into Bob Marley in high school” and began to discover more reggae artists.

He ventured into music creation with Snoop Dogg in 2013 and has now written and co-produced a few songs on a new solo album titled 9.

“It was great hanging out with Snoop at my crib, at home, we were right there relaxing and recording,” Murphy said.

Murphy, 53, won a Golden Globe for his performance as soul singer James Early in 2006 Dream girls, and was nominated for the likes of Beverly Hills cop and The mad professor.

Another star who likely won’t attend any of Murphy’s concerts is Johnny Depp, who said earlier this week that actors turning to music “make him sick.”

Although he’s played at the Grammys himself in the past, Depp said he hated the idea of ​​”come see me play guitar because you’ve seen me in 12 movies.”

“It shouldn’t be [that way]He said at the Mortdecai premiere in Berlin. “You want the people who listen to the music to be interested only in the music.”

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However, Murphy insists that he “isn’t trying to be a pop star” because music is just one of his hobbies.

“If I feel confident about something, I let people hear it and whether or not they take it seriously, I don’t even think about it,” he said.



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