Listen to the conscious stream of reggae music with Jahi Israel’s new track “Oppression”



Open your mind and soul to the musical, lyrical and thematic awareness of the reggae artist Jahi Israel and its undulating melodic waves in its song, ‘Oppression‘.

Reggae music artist Jahi Israel is here to present to the world a new approach to conscious music leading to personal and social growth. He released his song, ‘Oppression‘showcasing elements of spirituality, humanity and existentialism in a magnificent stream of reggae music. His music has a purpose of its own and addresses the global audience with regard to cultural, spiritual and social harmony. Part of the Rastafarian religion, his music carries a sublime notion and adheres to an unlimited flow of consciousness through the music.

The song highlights certain truths and realities allowing its audience to find themselves and therefore to close themselves. Rich in words and themes, he always tries to defend the rights of people in his community and all who are oppressed in the world. Track ‘Oppression‘has just kicked off a movement in his career as he aims to broaden his soundscape to reach more people. He soaks up his ideas, perspectives and the teaching of Rastafarian to lead the way through his music and soundscape. His art is not only for melodic or recreational purposes, but allows men to find the true meaning and essence of life.

Artist Jahi Israel was associated with the Gold Heart studio run by Vince McMahon in Manhattan, which gave it visibility and a platform to showcase its goals. His inspiration for writing music comes from observing everyday life and being aware of current events happening around us. The sense of conscious music through the verses of reggae and Rastafarian religion will allow him to achieve his goals. Listen to his songs on Apple Music to open up your own perspectives and challenges in life and the world.



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