New tracks – Corona infects reggae music


New tracks – Corona infects reggae music

06/04/2020 by Gardy Stein

One of the countless reasons we love Reggae and Dancehall so much is its incredible timeliness, its quick reaction to global incidents. To our knowledge, no other genre can claim to bring so many songs on topics that touch the world, either Donald trump, the refugee crisis or genetically modified foods. And now – Crown! The virus that keeps countries everywhere in an alarmist grip has now infected at least four reggae songs.

Probably the first to draw musical attention to the virus and its transmission was Zagga with his New hail, a tune that offers new ways of greeting during a meeting: “No lion’s paw, no big finger, no rubbing, no fist, no thumb, no hug … New hi when you see me, New hi, extend your foot when you see me and a hi!The song was officially released on March 13 and has a great video to watch.

The most recent track Coronavirus was released by Ras Strika on his YouTube channel. Says the artist: “Corona, the deadly virus, has claimed victims around the world. The dreaded virus spreads quickly and turns out to be the most dangerous. The virus that started in Wu-an, China inspired Ras Strika to write and record this song. Please protect your family, friends and especially yourself and remember to wash your hands.

Another tune called Corona virus was contributed by Sizzla Kalonji on the famous Far East Riddim. “It was a freestyle recorded to raise awareness. The riddim is not ours, but we like to make music to old-school beats because it is true in our culture,the artist told The Jamaica Star. In the song, Sizzla calls for awareness of the spread of the virus and, above all, for cleanliness and prevention: “Talk about Corona Virus around, better to be careful, not better to bring it into your house (…) protect small children, don’t put your hand in your mouth …

The most elaborate, however, is the registration Crown song on the Punanny Riddim. Please note: it is sung by a veteran Dancehall artist Silver cat and NOT by Buju Banton, as some falsely claim on the web. Playing with a cunning metaphor of a girl called Crown, Silver cat warns her friends not to come into close contact with her: “Corona look at me but I don’t want to, so everybody sees har say har stay away“. Hilarious!

It is rationality and prudence that we need to overcome the current crisis, but a little humor can also help. As public life is increasingly restricted in many areas (especially urban ones), artists and fans alike have to forgo beloved parties and concerts – the time saved can be effectively used to spend with family and friends. loved ones, or for digging long abandoned projects in and around your home. But most of all, stay safe and healthy people!

UPDATE More Corona related songs and videos that we discovered after posting this article:



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