Personal Loan for Liberal Professional

Personal Loan for Liberal Professional

Personal Loan for Liberal Professional

Liberal professionals who seek personal credit often find it difficult to obtain it by the need for proof of income at the time of the cadastral analysis. As the income of the liberal professional is, in most cases, variable, it is difficult to prove it. To get around this issue, financial institutions use other means to ascertain the repayment capacity of those seeking credit, and to have a greater guarantee of receiving the amounts released through the loan.

In addition to the documentation normally requested as RG, CPF and proof of residence, the financial ones request that an income tax return be presented, through which they can obtain information about the income obtained during the year, and thus establish the appropriate credit limits for the occasion. So for those who make the declaration of the Income Tax, it may be easier to obtain personal credit. Those who do not have the statement need to prove otherwise that they will be able to pay the amount they are applying for as credit.

Personal credit for professional liberal

Another issue that serves to make personal credit for professional liberal is released is the analysis of the relationship that the person has the banks. It is common that some financiers only release the credit for liberal professionals who have open account in some bank to more than 12 months. In this way, the analysis of the bank statements can allow to raise the average value that circulates in the person’s account, serving as the basis for stipulating an average monthly income. This measure serves to prove the suitability and avoid the performance of coup.

In addition to the current checking account, the financial accountants can also assess the release of credit by verifying that the person works by check. Thus, the person’s check history can be evaluated, such as the amount of returned, canceled or canceled checks issued by the person, providing more information for which decision to release the credit is made.

There are some finances that do not require the cadastral analysis of the person requesting the credit, but this is usually reflected in the interest charged, which are usually higher. What can also happen is that, without proof of income or ability to pay on the part of the person, the amount of credit released is limited. In some financials the credit limit released without proof of income is no more than R $ 1,500.00.

Just as the requirements for credit clearance vary from those who give personal credit to a professional, so do the interest rates charged.

The tip is that you conduct simulations on several financials before opting for any of them. Even if you are in a hurry to receive credit, the lack of a more detailed analysis means loss of money at too high interest rates.

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