Reggae Live two in one. . . Artists entertain and give to needy families


Fans of the annual Barbados reggae festival may have gone through a pullback with the cancellation of the highly anticipated festival that would have peaked this weekend.

However, they did have the opportunity to experience some satisfaction with the Reggae at Ya House Quarantine Party. The show, which was hosted by a local reggae singer Blessing of fishing to Instagram, was a flashback to the Bajan Nights which once featured as part of their series of events.

In the first edition, the audience got enthused with a sweet selection of music from DJs before the start of the live acts. High class Barbadian entertainment was presented and the host opened her doors with impressive positive vibes with some of her own original content. His session included What a sensation, Ungrateful heart and its collaboration with Buggy Nhakente, Roots.

In the line-up was singer Rhesa Garnes. She opened with an acappella version of Acknowledgments from Beres Hammond. She followed this up with her serene ode Women then Rasta Man. His last track was the product Simon Pipe No more.

based in Jamaica VBongo too delivered loud voices. She entertained with Good things, Walk in the park and closed with Conversation and weed.

Tabitha also represented for the ladies, who made a passionate plea for peace with her track War which featured the lyrics, “Why are you bitter, try to do better!” It was followed appropriately by Abandonment. Its set included Original and yet to appear Sparkle.

On the cast was Dougie Dan with his tribute Parents and Go Fi Mine.

Unfortunately, technical difficulties hampered David Kirton’s performance, but viewers have always enjoyed clips of Mary jane and the popular Green camouflage.

In an interview, Blessing of fishing Recount Bajan vibes the thought behind the staging of the event.

“I was really looking forward to playing this year on the Hill so I decided to have a live session for my fans. Right now, we must do everything to unite in the fight against this pandemic. The experience has been great, especially when I have received positive feedback and comments.

According to Peach, Sunday night’s production wasn’t just about the sweet vibes of reggae.

“A few well-known companies contacted us. Some dedicated small business owners joined us and volunteered their time and effort to help with this business as we received a few donations and were able to purchase items and bring a smile to five families.

Blessing of fishing and the team at Breaking Point Entertainment appreciate all the help received and look forward to the second episode this coming Sunday. (STT)

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