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Every July 1, the world celebrates International Reggae Day, also known as “July One”, which celebrates great Jamaican music and the global reggae brotherhood.

RG Consult, an event management company, is putting on a four-hour virtual show in honor of reggae music that has been part of the music industry for decades.

Dubbed “Kigali Reggae Fest 2020”, the first edition is scheduled to air today, July 1.

The group Neptunez of RG Consult and their new formation Nep Queenz will be the actors of the show, as well as the DJs of Nep, who will play back to back reggae tunes.

The show will start from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“We had planned to have a festival this year, with local and international artists to celebrate the reggae music that we love, but Covid-19 has arrived. In order not to lose our momentum, we have decided to do it internally. The performers have been rehearsing for several weeks and we are sure it will be quite entertaining for all reggae fans, ”Remmy Lubega, CEO of RG Consult, told The New Times.

The show is slated to air live on Isibo TV, an entertainment television channel, and will also air live on RG Consult’s Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels.

Celebrate milestones

Coincidentally, the festival comes at a time when the Neptunez group is also celebrating their fifth birthday, and according to Lubega, it’s only fitting that they put on a big show for their fans. The group plays various musical genres like jazz, zouk, reggae and afro.

He has had his fair share of accomplishments in the music industry, having presented shows like the Kigali Jazz Junction and winning a Bands Battle in 2018, among some of his main highlights.

In addition to performing reggae tunes, the show is also scheduled for RG Consult’s new outfit, the NepQueenz. The new neighborhood band is the region’s first all-female live band. The six-member group consists of a keyboardist, a saxophonist, a drummer, a guitarist, who doubles as a singer and a percussionist.

“I wanted to contribute by giving a platform for young girls to perform and showcase their talents. We have been working underground, since January of this year, searching for talent, rehearsals and vocal training to produce a unique and talented girl group that will add life to the music industry. It is high time for girls to show what they have, ”added Lubega.

He further hinted that the new group will not only perform live at shows, but are also currently recording their first song, which is due out in August this year.

“We will have a humble unveiling of our new outfit today as we prepare to reveal them to the public very soon,” he said.

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