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The first edition of the live reggae concert dubbed “Roots Reggae” took place at the Kacyiru-based Inema art gallery on December 28th.

It was without a doubt one of the best live reggae concerts in Kigali of the past year. The three-in-one concert was then scheduled to head to Alpha and Omega atop Rebero Hill on New Years Day, but logistical issues resulted in the concert being canceled at the very last minute.

However, the third and final stage of the concerts will take place this Saturday at Kimihurura-based Mulindi Japan One Love Project, popularly known as Kwa Rasta, named after owner Gatera Emmanuel.

Lioneyes Jasporah, a Rwandan reggae musician based in Brussels, Belgium, is the mastermind behind the concerts, and also the lead actor on stage. In Brussels, Lioneyes is the frontman of the roots reggae group One Cell Foundation, formed in 2014.

Lioneyes Jasporah will headline the Roots Reggae / Courtesy Photos concert.

Before settling in Belgium, Lioneyes had performed with various local reggae ensembles such as the Holy Jah Doves, the group that supported him during the concert. It also hosted a reggae music niche at the start of commercial FM radio broadcasting in Rwanda, on Contact FM.

During Inema’s concert, her fans had the rare opportunity to listen to songs from her latest album titled Space and Memory, which features songs in both English and French. Some of the songs on the album include; Inna One Cell, Superstition, Dimension and Colonization.

The show will also be honored with guest performances by the Holy Jah Doves, Best Sound Band, Strong Voice Band and 2T Reggae Man, among others. There will also be a DJ set with DJs Reggae Zone, Makombe Inc and Tatiana.

The concert will start at 7 p.m. and continue until late.

Admission is 3000 Rwf (singles) and 5000 Rwf for couples.

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