There’s a big reggae concert at LOFAS tomorrow night


Big reggae events are not really common in Shanghai – too bad if you ask us, but all the more reason to make the most of them when they do. So mark your calendars as DJ collective Shanghai Dancehall go wild at LOFAS tomorrow (Friday 16th) with The Link-Up, an evening dedicated to roots, dub, afro, dancehall and more.

Attracting heavyweights from the Chinese reggae community, the evening provides a platform for artists from Beijing and Shanghai with a line-up that represents and merges the different reggae worlds of the two big cities. The capital is represented by General Huge, a big name on the Chinese scene and co-founder of the country’s first reggae label. By his side, singer Zulu Bob and DJ Sistakilla.L.

Photography: Courtesy of Shanghai Dancehall (Zulu Bob)

Meanwhile, from Shanghai there will be a set by Afro-Ghanaian singer JAC 45 (“Too Many Girls” and “Nana Ama”). He will also be joined by Shanghai Dancehall DJs Dubshottas, Kyle B., Mousetrap and Shanghai Yard, and American hip-hop MC Skinny OG – who co-founded the Black China Music Company.

Construction will begin at 9 p.m. and tickets include a drink. Whether you’re good on the scene or looking for something new, get ready for a reggae filled night beyond the usual Bob Marley you may know.


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